Candidate Spotlight: Chris Christie

Chris Christie is the fifty fifth governor of New Jersey. One of the popular media channels has sent a questionnaire for Chris Christie. It is just to know about the real life of 2016 presidential candidates. Christie filled out the questionnaire after the interview with Gayle King who is a cost host. Here sharing the interview questionnaire in this article.

My name is Chris Christie

After entering the White House, I will ensure to give first importance to help our grandchildren and children get a career and job that would fulfill their dreams.

I know the responsibilities of the government towards its citizen. Our main responsibility is to provide security and safeguard for the citizens.

I ensure to relax and take deep breath before giving a speech in the campaign.

Harlan Coben is my favorite author.

My favorite morning drink is orange juice. Water is my favorite evening drink.

In regular nights, I ensure to sleep around five hours.

If I get a chance to question another candidate I will ask Jeb Bush – how did he manage to fix the entitlement of the country?

Joe Biden is out of the Race

Chris Christie has commented that it is hard for him to think that Biden is not running for President. Washington city is doubtful whether Joe Biden, who is the Vice President will try for President. Chris Christie told CBS This Morning that he is expected Biden to follow the 2016 race. Christie added that he and Biden knew each other for more than nineteen years.

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