Scientists find out New Alien Wasp

In Washington State University, scientists have found out new alien wasp. It kills the hosts exactly like a scene in the movie Alien. The discovery is great news since the alien wasp kills stink bugs that damage the fruit orchards.

Recently, two small groups of wasp were identified in Vancouver, Washington.

Elizabeth Beers who is the WSU entomologist said that they did not expect the new wasp here, and she feels happy about the discovery. The new wasp is referred as Trissolcus japonicus. It summons from Asia. The wasp can be used as a potential weapon in opposition to the stink bug. One of the field technicians discovered the two small groups of wasp in August and September. It did not sting while discovered.

The stink bug variety also instigated in Asia. It has damaged millions of dollars worth fruit orchards in and around the Mid Atlantic region. The stink bug was discovered two decades ago in Pennsylvania. It was moving towards the west, and now it was discovered in Oregon, Washington and areas of California. The WSU told that a group of insect experts are finding ways to stop the stink bug.

The WSU team consists of more than fifty scientists and they were from leading ten institutions.

Beers said that the stink bug does not belong to the country and the natural enemies do not destroy the stink bugs. When they heard about Alien Wasp, they found it as a biocontrol game changer. The stink bug research group is excited to hear the news and looking forward for more changes.