Hands Free is not Risk Free for Abstracted Drivers

While driving your vehicle, your hands will be on the steering and your focus will be on the road. Where will your mind be? It is distracting to send email or text message especially while driving the vehicle. It is possible with hands free technology but it is highly dangerous. You will not know what happens in the next fraction of a second. It is better to remain safe and free yourself from handsfree technology especially when driving the car.

One of the researches says that distractions remain though you keep your focus completely on the road. The University of Utah and the American Automobile Association has discovered possible unsafe mental distractions due to the use of hands-free system can remain for twenty seven seconds even after using the voice commands. In 2013, 3154 killed because of the motor vehicle crashes that are mainly due to distraction.

Young people mostly use such advanced technology and they are at high risk. Drivers in the age group of around twenties constitute twenty three percentage of the group.

The results differ by information technology and vehicle operating system. The conclusion is obvious. The voice activated system is the main reason for distraction, and it can distract the drivers even after using.

The CEO and President of the AAA Foundation – Peter Kissinger comments that motorists have chances to miss pedestrians, traffic signs and other vehicles when they focus on other activities while driving. AAA Foundation operates for traffic safety and Peter Kissinger is the President of the Foundation. Though you may not use your fingers to send messages but your brain will be active and divert its focus leaving the driving action.