FBI Director Reports ‘ Fewer Americans Join ISIS Abroad’

James Comey – Director of FBI reports that the federal law enforcement is seeing not many Americans coming forward to travel abroad to collaborate with the ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) in the recent months. He adds that FBI knows well about the six members who have connected to The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They have joined recently that is during the last three to four months.

Every month small number of people tried to join the ISIS. He says that he is not sure about the real reason for the drop. Thousands of Americans were arrested because they were showing concern and support to The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The FBI has taken several actions to stop the flow. They have even arrested and charged people for doing so.

In August, criminal charges were filed against Mohammad Oda Dakhlalla (who is 22 years old) and Jaelyn Delshaun Young (who is 20 years old). There were arrested near Columbus, Mississippi at a local airport while they were traveling to join the jihad. The FBI officials said that the couples were trying to join ISIS, and it is the reason they are traveling to Syria. The officials also added that the mastermind behind the plan is Young. He has pretended to be married recently and traveling for a honeymoon.

The couple was charged officially and it was proved that they were trying to offer material support to one of the terrorist groups. One of the FBI agents said that both agreed with their plans when they were arrested.

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